Get Perfectly Muscled Bangs Every Time With This Viral Hack!

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The bangs on your head have a mind of their own and often split or swoop up when you least expect it. They aren't always easy to pull off, but they have the potential to be a challenging hairstyle. The low-maintenance fringe wearers who adore a carefree, messy style are in luck: there's a TikTok hair hack for that! Jane Clayton, a hairstylist in Utah, offers the following advice. Her shaved bangs have grown over 7 inches since April. There have been over 900,000 likes and 5 million views.  

If your bangs tend to come untied throughout the day, try forming a zigzag at their base. Clayton claims in her TikTok video that the results last for days and that she can skip washing and styling her bangs every day. The general consensus is that her suggestions are excellent. I've had bangs for 15 years, and I've needed this tutorial for 15 years," a user of the video-sharing app TikTok said in response. The other person said, "I'm a hairstylist, and you just taught me something I That just blew my mind. The time has never been better to give bangs a try. If you've always said you'd never get them, this suggestion just might convince you to give them a shot.

Hacking in a zigzag pattern

A comb and a flat iron are all you need for this simple hack. Jane Clayton owns and operates an Ergo flatiron. Make your bangs lie flat across your forehead by brushing them down with a small comb. Make a zigzag cut at the base of your bangs. Clayton explains that doing so helps "camouflage" the hairline and eliminates the appearance of curtain bangs. Next, create a mini mohawk effect by combing your bangs upward. Feel free to use clips to divide your bangs down the middle like Clayton does. After you've brushed your bangs upward, you can use your flatiron to give them a reverse curl, also known as overdirecting. After your hair has cooled down, you can style it by fluffing up your bangs and doing whatever else you like. Quickly achieve a charmingly disheveled appearance.

One commenter expressed skepticism that the hack would work if the user had a cowlick, which would require them to constantly part their bangs. Clayton suggests flattening the cowlick by wetting it and then blow-drying it. The effectiveness of this method for someone with very fine straight hair was questioned by another commenter. Clayton claims that this method is successful when using a flatiron on the lowest heat setting.

Tips for a Long-Lasting Look

When you wear bangs to bed, your hair defies gravity and takes forever to fix in the morning. However, Jane Clayton has a trick for taming her bangs while she snoozes, so she spends minimal time on them in the morning. She shows how she uses pin curl clips to keep the zigzags in place in a second TikTok video. You can get these at any cosmetics shop or on Amazon.  

If you follow this advice, you won't have to worry about your bangs falling out while you sleep. Your bangs will be ready to go as soon as you get up and unclip them. According to Clayton's viral TikTok video, she does this every three days instead of every night to prolong the life of her bangs. This way, you can easily maintain your look for days. Whether you've been rocking bangs for years or are considering giving them a try, Clayton's advice is sure to be useful.  

Posted: 2023-06-14 00:01:36
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