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There is a plethora of bizarre-looking hair tools available on the internet, ranging in price from $10 for a headband that promises heatless curls to several hundred dollars for a high-tech styler. Shark's two newish tools, the Shark HyperAIR and FlexStyle, are bobbing around in the sea of styling devices. The tools caught my attention because they were high-priced but not ridiculous, they promised impressive outcomes but seemed simple to use, and they were from the future but could be mine right now. Will I be able to get Farrah Fawcett-worthy curls or a salon-worthy blowout with the help of these tools? ’

I was able to put my newbie beauty skills to the test because Shark so generously gifted me the HyperAIR and FlexStyle with attachments. It was intriguing to see if these gizmos could transform me from a "clean beauty queen" who wakes up with a head full of flyaways after sleeping in wet hair. ’ If your attention is similarly piqued, you can enjoy the same tools I used at a deep discount Until July 1st, thanks to a partnership between Shark and Refinery29, our readers can save 25% on the HyperAIR (with code REFINERY25) and 15% on the FlexStyle (with code REFINERY15). It's important to remember that the discount code works for already reduced items like the pink HyperAir and is case-sensitive.

Reasons Why I Needed a New Look

For me, achieving beauty has always been a challenge. As a competitive swimmer, I rarely had time to do my hair and makeup in the mornings before a five-minute, freezing-cold shower and a sprint to class. Here is a picture of me at homecoming wearing what I thought was appropriate hair and makeup.
These days, I wash my hair, let it air dry, brush it when it's dry, and then maybe, if I'm going out, use a curling iron that my college roommate taught me to use haphazardly. That I don't have the kind of flawless, frizz-free hair that you see on social media has been mostly fine with me. The older I get, though, the more I appreciate the idea of investing time and energy (and sometimes money) into making myself look and feel my best.
But is a 14-piece hair care system really an easy way for me to blend in with the most put-together people I've ever seen in New York City? To find out, I tried out both of Shark's hair care systems.

With the 2-in-1 Concentrator and the IQ Styling Brush, the Shark HyperAIR Dryer can both dry and style your hair. Brush, dry, and straighten your hair simultaneously with the IQ Styling Brush and the 2-in-1 Concentrator attachment, which turns the appliance into essentially a blow dryer. You can use the HyperAIR without the accessories, but you shouldn't. The temperature and airflow can be customized to your liking regardless of the application, and some attachments can even be set to automatically optimize for their intended use. There are three temperature settings and a "cool shot" feature to complement your look. The machine is easy to use (in large part because of the smart technology it incorporates) and not as cumbersome as one might expect a device of this sophistication to be.

The HyperAIR: My Initial Opinions

It was a magical moment when I first tried out the HyperAIR. I had showered for the night and was about to turn in when I got the nudge to put the brand new HyperAIR through its paces for the first time. According to the HyperAIR's instructions, I should use it after a shower and towel drying my hair.

To begin, I used the 2-in-1 Concentrator's 'Pre-Style' attachment to roughly dry my hair. It was about the same amount of time as using a blow dryer, and the device, even with the attachment, felt about the same weight. Unlike a blow dryer, the 2-in-1 concentrator's head could be adjusted to fit my arm at any angle, and the cold blast button was located on the opposite side of the handle I was already holding. The attachment has a 'Pre-Style' and a 'Precision Style' setting, so you can easily change the airflow direction to suit your current styling phase. While the HyperAir's temperature and airflow are automatically set to optimal levels for each attachment, you can easily adjust either setting using the buttons on the back of the device.

When my hair was dry enough, I detached the 2-in-1 Concentrator from the HyperAIR and slid on the IQ Styling Brush. Now the real fun could begin Again, the styler did an excellent job of automatically adjusting the heat and airflow to my hair. The styling brush mimicked the sensation of manually brushing my hair while I styled it; however, the brush's bristles can be adjusted in use, just like those of the pre-styling attachment. Depending on which arm and side I was working with, I could rotate the swivel to change the brush's angle while keeping the head in place.

It was as effective as a flat iron, but much simpler to operate. When I was done, I could tell a significant difference between the sections of my hair that I had gone over with the brush and the sections that I had not, unlike the results I usually get with a flat iron. The attachment did all the work, so there was no need for me to brush my hair first.

My hair was the least frizzy it had ever been after using the 2-in-1 Concentrator and the IQ Styling Brush. It was erect and smooth looking. Just by using the brush attachment, I felt like a million bucks. What benefits the FlexStyle would bring me is anyone's guess.  

Should You Buy The HyperAIR?

The more I've used the HyperAIR over the past few weeks, the more I've come to adore it. From now on, the FlexStyler will always be displayed in my washroom (complete with its own little shelf holder). ) This may seem extreme, but I believe the outcome calls for it. Picture yourself going from an air-dried, tangled, Cousin It-esque mane to the sleek, tv-show-ready style you see on the red carpet every morning. While $299 Even though it costs , this blow dryer is worth the investment for newbies in the beauty and hair industries.
The Shark FlexStyle is a heat-free styling system that comes with a variety of attachments for curling, volumizing, smoothing, and drying your hair. Like the HyperAIR, this device allows for three distinct levels of airflow and temperature, as well as a "cool shot." Unlike the HyperAIR, which only comes with two attachments, the FlexStyle can be used with a wide variety of hair textures thanks to its adaptability. Even though it provides significantly more styling options, it cannot replace the use of a dryer. Instead, it delivers controlled ventilation for a wide variety of aesthetic needs.
Although you can buy each attachment separately, I like that you can choose a bundle that is tailored to your hair type. The Straight & Wavy system is also available for $299. .99) with three pre-selected add-ons, or the Curly & Coily system ($299. or you can put together your own FlexStyle package for $279 99) and pick any three of the eight available attachments that work best with your hair.

Initial Thoughts on the FlexStyler

I used the HyperAIR 2-in-1 Concentrator to dry my hair almost completely, and then I went to work. My college roommate Maya (bless her heart) taught me how to curl my hair with a curling wand and iron, but these autowrap curlers are a whole new ballgame. Using the same technique I use when curling my hair with the 0 Auto-Wrap Curlers, 95" I started on my left side, so I simply snapped on the 'L' shaped curler and the appliance adjusted the temperature and the direction of the airflow accordingly. Learning how to properly apply the tool to your hair is the real challenge. You can't just hold it close to your head and expect it to work. I think you'll find the included manual very helpful; it explains how to make the most of your FlexStyle. Start by holding a half-inch to an inch-wide section of hair in the middle and wrapping the ends around the curler, as instructed. Once the strand's base has been wrapped around the curler, you can lift it up and grab the rest of it. If you grab too much hair at once, the curl will unravel, so be patient with the technique. To get the hang of it, I had to practice a few times. The curls I achieved after doing my entire head were my favorite part. After some experimentation, I found that they were buoyant, curly, and cute, and that they made me look like a subdued version of Farrah Fawcett. It was simple at first; I just had to curl my entire enormous head, which is the same issue I have when using a curling iron.

The next day, I attempted to increase the drama by using the oval brush. I once again started with spray-bottled rough-dried hair. I used the oval brush as directed, sectioning my hair before working downward from the roots to create curls. (Be careful, the bristles are scorching!) It took me about 40 minutes total, including reading the directions, to do my entire thick head of hair. The outcomes exceeded my expectations, as there was volume and no frizz. When compared to my attempts to mimic what I've seen my mom do with an oval brush and hairdryer, using the FlexStyle brush/dryer combo was a breeze. It eliminates the need for concentration and hand-eye coordination required when using two tools, making it ideal for use by novice hairstylists.

I also tried out the paddle brush, which is functionally equivalent to the IQ Styling Brush I used with the HyperAIR but is significantly larger and wider. Although this was my first time using a larger paddle brush, it fit comfortably in my hand and didn't feel foreign.

Should You Buy a FlexStyle?

To begin, I thought the FlexStyle was fantastic. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and has a wide range of applications. However, there is a learning curve, and I spent some time getting the hang of the attachments before I was able to get the results I was looking for. After a few goes with the various FlexStyle attachments, I feel comfortable using the brushes, though the curlers are still a work in progress.

The FlexStyle is worth the price if you frequently use curling irons or blow dryers because it protects your hair from heat. The variety of attachments offered (three are included with the FlexStyle and more can be purchased for $29) 95 each) offers more value because it replaces the need for two separate items (a blow dryer and a curling iron) with a single, versatile tool.

If you're just getting started with styling your hair, I recommend picking up a cheap curling iron or flat iron to see how often you use it before investing in a more powerful tool like the Shark FlexStyle. As a novice beauty girl who already styles her hair for events, social outings, and other occasions, I can confidently say that the FlexStyle has been well worth the investment. )

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